International Employability Training Program


CPD (Globally Recognized Certification)

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. CPD certified training means the learning of an individual has reached to the benchmark of CPD standards and requirement. Employers from different organizations mostly in Australia, UK, Europe, New Zealand, USA, Canada and other first world countries recognize CPD.


Be work ready

In this training program we are committed to prepare an individual to be work ready by implanting him/her with skills required to find hunt the part-time job as soon as they land abroad. Our experts with 18 years plus experience in international arena will guide students on how to approach to part-time job, build network and crack job interview.

Customer Service Essentials

Irrespective of the job roles you choose a good customer service practice is a must in every industry. Companies search for employees who delivers outstanding customer service skills to their clients. Research shows that most of international students do their part-time job in service based industries such as Super market, Retail stores, Groceries, Hotel and Restaurants. Having excellent customer service skills can enhance the chances to excel in part-time job. MIND Nepal IET Courses aim to equipped Nepalese students with customer service skills with globally recognized certificate so that the chances for getting part-time job increases significantly.


– Get Internationally Recognized Certificate
– Get practical know – how of part time job part in all first world countries
– Showcase your diploma certificate in your CV

– Learn Customer Service Essentials – required to work in supermarket, retail stores, groceries, restaurant, hotels, etc.
– Get Power Tricks on finding part-time job as soon as you land abroad

Training Structure

Training duration: 12 days

Class duration: 10 days
Test: 11th day

Graduation day: within a week of exam (Including examination)

Training Pedagogy

Class Room Sessions,
Mock Up Session,



I have attended 10 days IET training session for Customer Service skills. I have learned core of Customer Service course was very effective and I think it will be 100 percent fruitful if I implement all these learning whenever I’ll go abroad. I would like to recommend this to every Nepalese who is planning to
go abroad.

Sabina Bhattarai

This training is very effective for students who are planning to go abroad. I have experienced a lot of thing in this class in past 10 days, I definitely hope that I will find the better job in my working career ahead. After attending this course I have become much more confident, mature, creative and ready to go with full positiveness inside me. I like to recommend this course to all student who are willing to go abroad. I can ensure you that you can find the best mentor over. Please visit MIND Nepal once and grab the opportunity.

Rashu Pradhan