QualityKG American Pre-School


MIND Nepal stands with a vision, “to strive to bring the best of the education practices – quality, standard, methodology and curriculum etc., of the world in Nepal and to introduce Nepalese learners and stakeholder to such practices”.

Mr. Anil Pradhan – Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Sujan Aryal – Chief Operating Officer of MIND Nepal are Representatives of QUALITYKG Regional Office in Nepal and hence, MIND Nepal is facilitating QUALITYKG School Network for entire territory of Nepal.


QUALITYKG is a remarkable opportunity for all pre-school leadership to learn and adopt the ‘postive difference’ in the world of Pre-School education. The QUALITYKG team of global visionaries brings together an evolved and ever-evolving framework of early-childhood education.

It aims to ensure that every child, every parent and every Pre-School achieves the best that is possible for them. The backbone of QUALITYKG is a formidable and sound outline of accreditation standards based on years of scientific research and academic experience. These accreditation standards are applied to deliver standardization and improvement services in Pre-Schools.


QUALITYKG visions to create an ideal environment that nurtures, prospers and strengthens the initial years of a child. The primary sketch of the vision is drawn with the following outlines:

• Creating a second home for children through Pre-Schools, where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness

• Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every child

• Imparting thorough knowledge to parents, about the total development of their children

• Educating and evolving all stakeholders associated with early-childhood education

• Contributing in the larger vision of crafting a better and brighter future

The larger vision at QUALITYKG is accomplished through the most basic and essential steps. These steps when embedded in the mission appear in the following forms and actions:

• Providing a well-researched comprehensive framework of Pre-School quality standards

• Delivering consistent learning, support and development to Pre-Schools

• Extending a common and interactive learning platform to all stakeholders in Pre-Schools

• Combining best global practices of early-childhood education

• Deploying dedicated resources for the sustained evolution of Pre-Schooling environment


MIND Nepal organized QUALITYKG, American Pre-School Launch program on 13th November, 2017 at Hotel Radisson where Chairpersons/Principals/Founders/Directors of almost 175 Pre-Schools from Kathmandu witnessed the launch of QUALITYKG.

The program was inaugurated by Former Education Minister Dr. Gangalal Tuladhar as Chief Guest of the QUALITYKG launch. Dr. Rob Leveillee, Chief Visionary of QUALITYKG AND Mr. Sharad Bhatia, Chief Future Architect of QUALITYKG shared their views on importance of teaching-learning pedagogy to nurture kids so that they grow-up as globally competitive citizen. Dr. Rob and Mr. Bhatia further explained on how Pre-Schools of Nepal can be benefited through QUALITYKG American Pre-School Services.


QUALITYKG Network Service is far above than mere franchise. It helps Pre-Schools uplift their entire operation so that Pre-Schools can join the family of international schools and enable it to stand-out from the crowd of common Pre-Schools. QUALITYKG Network Service is perfect package of an American Training, Technology and Support.2

For more details please visit QualityKG website at qualitykg.com



It was pleasure to attend event on behalf our school and would like to thank MIND Nepal for providing us the opportunity to know about QualaityKG.

Learning Hand Pre-School | Rajiv Lohani

Thank you MIND Nepal and QualityKG from the bottom of the heart for such a fruitful event.
Thank you very much…

Pineridge Academy | Afsana Rana

Very impressed and like to create excellence, magic, future in our pre-school with QualityKG in
collaboration with MIND .

Angels’ Home | Rinku Dhakal Koirala

The event was great. Thanks for giving us chance to be a part of QualityKG event.

Kids Pre-School | Padma Ratna Bajracharya